Camloc 2383PT01 – 2383PT02

Camloc Power tool  2383PT01 - 2383PT02

Camloc Power tool  2383PT01 - 2383PT02

2383PT01 - 2383PT02


Insert stud nut with grommet into the properly prepared hole of the panel.

If requested, place a protection ring on the flaring collar of the grommet.


Engage the threaded rod of the swaging adapter to the stud nut by pushing the rod on the stud nut. The rod screws in automatically.

Bring all components in the correct position for flaring.


Push the lower part of the tool trigger and the grommet will be flared. Leave the button pushed for approx. 2 seconds
to allow the flaring process to be properly finished.

The operating pressure on the gage should be set to 1,8 - 2 bar.

The adjusted pressure on the gage must never exceed 2,2 bar.

This value is valid for all stud nut diameters and as well for all flaring angles.


Finally push upper part of the tool trigger and the stud nut will be released from the tool.

After removing the tool check the proper fit of the grommet in the panel:

1: The countersunk of the grommet should be flush to the surface of the panel.

2: Double Check the presence of the protection ring (if requested).

3: The swaged collar of the grommet should be uniformly bended, without burrs and cracks.

4: The grommet should sit right to the panel without play.


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