2383R25-1BP – 2383R25-2BP



Part no Dim. x material Finish
2383R25-1BP 1,5 cres  passivated
2383R25-2BP  0,5  cres   passivated

Widget not in any sidebars
Installation Instructions for 2383r25-1bp and 2383r25-2bp:

1. Panel preparation:
Tap drill Ø 11,5 + 0,1 mm Dia. hole x 15 mm min. depth.
Ø13 + 0,2 mm Dia 80° to 100° C’sink
Tap 0,500-13 UNC-2B x 13,5 mm min. depth.
Screw in Insert 0,5-0,7 mm below panel surface until kees stops screw operation.
Drive down kees by using CA18062-T10 Installation tool


Technical Terms of delivery for 2383r25-1bp and 2383r25-2bp:

Recommended tightening torque for stud nut: max. 3 Nm
Recommended temperature range – 55 C° to 150 C°

To be used with stud nut 2383SW and 2383SG series