Panel fasteners are used when you have shear loads on the parts that connect two plates. Up to 7500N of shear load can be taken with a panel fastener, they are therefore suited to be build onto the outside of aircraft engines, outside covers of aeroplanes and motor racing. please do not use this part if you do not need to! the cost per connection is around 120 euro, and you need to order also the specific tooling to install these parts.

Panel fasteners can have up to 10000 operations they remain locked in any position by the unique inbuilt double spiral feature of the receptacle. If you have a high vibration resistance application, this will be the product you are looking for!

Lead-time to manufacture = 12-14 weeks


Camloc Grommet 3334GF02: notes

Material of Camloc 3334GF02:

Grommet : Corrosion Resistant Steel
Retaining ring: Corrosion Resistant Steel

Finish of Camloc 3334GF02

Grommet: Code P : Passivated
Grommet: Code Q1: Passivated and outer Ø aluminium pigmented

Retaining Ring: Passivated

Use grommet 3334GF02 in conjunction with stud nut 3334S01 !

Use installation tool 3334T01-1875 to install stud nut series 334S01 into grommet.

To install and remove grommet assembly and stud nut use either
Hand installation tool: 3334HT02
Hand removal tool: 3334HRT1875 (for grommet without installed stud nut)
Hand removal tool: 3334HRT1875-1 (for grommet with installed stud nut)
Hand tool case: 3334HTC

Part no. Panel thickness E (L) (B) Weight (g)
P min  P max E min E max
3334GF02-01-1B 2,50 3,00 1,65 2,05 2,50 1,80 0,92
3334GF02-02-1B 3,00 3,50 2,15 2,55 3,00 2,05 1,13
3334GF02-03-1B 3,50 4,00 2,65 3,05 3,50 2,30 1,34
3334GF02-04-1B 4,00 4,50 3,15 3,55 4,00 2,55 1,54
3334GF02-05-1B 4,50 5,00 3,65 4,05 4,50 2,80 1,75